About the artist

Cats are one of my favorite animals. They've been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I began building cat trees several years ago in hopes of relieving my cats' boredom and saving the furniture from their sharp little claws. My first creations were a series of "cat" walks screwed directly to the walls with cozy platforms attached near the ceiling. The cats loved it of course but I clearly wasn't going to win any interior decorating awards. I later began building freestanding designs using sisal rope and recycled materials and incorporating driftwood to give them a natural, artistic look.

As my designs became more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, people began to mention that my cat trees were quite unique and likely desirable to other cat owners. After a few more years of off-and-on cat tree evolution and various subtle signs from the universe, I decided to see if folks might be interested. If you're reading this then I'll take that as a huge success. If you end up owning one of my cat "castles", I'll be ecstatic beyond belief. Thanks for stopping by and if you have any question or comments, just click on over to my contact page and send me a message.

- Be well my friend ... Mark ;)

Mark - the artist
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