Meet Mark Hircock
Royal Meow Castle Keeper

When Mark Hircock’s search for a cat tree or some such structure that would entertain his bored cat and keep his sharp little claws off the furniture, he found his options to be both limited and wholly unattractive. And flimsy. And possibly toxic due to the particleboard and glue factor.

Well, he said to himself, how hard could this be?

Research and development began in earnest and after much trial and error, Royal Meow came to be. The freestanding structures made with driftwood, sisal rope and recycled materials were not only pleasing to the eye, but to the panel of cats invited to participate in the focus group. Sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, these “castles for cats” were embraced by even the most discriminating of feline creatures. And so the story goes. Today your cat’s very own castle can be ordered from a pet store near you and it will be lovingly built by the Royal Meow Castle Keeper himself. Find Retailers