When I first began building cat trees it was because I just couldn't see myself buying another poorly made piece of cat furniture. Everything I saw at pet stores was flimsy, not very attractive, and destined for the landfill. I kept thinking that I could build my own that would certainly be more durable if not slightly better looking. I was also concerned about my cats' health and the importance of not using particleboard or toxic glue. Since then I've found a lot of great sustainable, durable, and recycled products to build with such as:

  • Recycled Car Tires
  • Certified Sustainable Plywood
  • Natural, Sustainable, Durable Sisal Rope
  • Earth Friendly Non-Toxic Glues

If you've gotten this far then you probably care about these things too. And of course we can't forget the most important thing of all...

- Happycats! ... Mark ;)

Sustainable earth-friendly plywood
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